Is there a doctor

in the house?

What if you were sick? Didn't want to endure long Urgent Care or ER waiting times. Couldn't make an appointment with your primary care doctor soon enough. Or just don't want to travel out in harsh weather and horrible traffic conditions.

Order a doctor in the comfort of your home.

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

We are looking for talented individuals.  For career opportunities, apply below.

No other fees
Concierge Service
1016 W Jackson Blvd Chicago IL 60607 US

Flat rate convenience fee for a doctor to come to your home with in-home testing and diagnostic equipment.

Convenience fee covers the cost of travel, coinsurance and in-home testing.  You won't see any other bills from us.

We spend as much time as you need and won't leave until you understand and are fully satisfied with the level of service provided.

How it works